Sleep Issues


What Causes Insomnia?

There are a lot of factors or triggers that can cause someone to experience insomnia. Stress, trauma, and over-thinking are a few common factors that cause sleeplessness. Chronic insomnia can cause brainwaves to function abnormally if left untreated.

The Impact of Losing Sleep

As the brain craves sleep, our ability to perform simple tasks and focus on the job becomes difficult. We constantly feel sleep,y no matter how many cups of coffee or energy drinks we consume. Insomnia can cause sever chronic diseases, such as hypertension, obesity, and even cardiovascular disease.

A good portion of the global population experiences insomnia. Most of the time, we are reluctant to seek treatment, thinking our  insomnia will go away or get better.  The longer you endure insomnia, the more difficult it would be for it to be treated.

To protect your health, it is important to understand the symptoms of chronic insomnia and when to seek medical attention.  Early detection and diagnosis are crucial for your long term health.


How can NeuralScan help?

Treatment options for insomnia have evolved over the years, and now patients have more natural solutions available.  Neuralscan identifies the underlying causes of insomnia and aids to better understand how to bring you back to a natural sleep cycle.

Neuralscan is a non-medical sleep restoration for individuals with chronic insomnia. A certified therapist creates a plan design to help you achieve a good night’s sleep every night. The treatment locates brainwave imbalances and adjusts the alpha waves to correct the imbalance.

During your session, you will learn how to retrain the affected areas of the brain causing insomnia. Your brain learns new responses, patterns and pathways improving overall brainwave function. Many of our patients experience results after a few sessions and are able to fall asleep faster and wake the next morning feeling rested.