Before biomedical technology, doctors noted impressive improvements in seizure activity in humans when using neurofeedback. These improvements document neurofeedback’s ability to reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of seizures in both children and adults.

Medications used effectively to control the seizures can have unpleasant or severe side effects. These drugs can often cause disruptions in a person’s mood, sleep patterns, cognition abilities, and increased anxiety. Surgery is a treatment of last resort and only used when necessary. 

What causes seizures?

The cause of the seizure is often unknown and in some cases genetic mutations may be the reason. Seizures are sometimes caused by a disease or metabolic disorders. Some point to an imbalance in the brain, while others are due to concussions or surgery.

Regardless of the cause, our treatment goal is always the same, to provide relief to you, the patient. Neurofeedback helps the part of the brain, that has been impacted, to communicate more effectively. Your therapist creates a brain regulation plan to reduce abnormal brain wave activity that can trigger seizures and help restore brain health and functionality.


Neuropsychological Assessments Offers Natural Alternative

With our advanced medical sciences, few long term effective conventional options are available to help patients gain more control of their lives and reduce recurring seizures.

With few beneficial treatments available neurofeedback provides a drug-free natural solution. The scientific evidence-based intervention provides evidence that neurofeedback provides a safer option for many individuals.