Struggling to Handle Anxiety?

Everyday environmental stressors impact our bodies. Most of the time, our natural coping skills help us manage these stressors. However, problems occur when we experience sudden or unexpected events, which then sends too many stimuli to our brains, overwhelming our coping systems.

When our brains are overloaded, our natural defenses kick into high gear to protect us. This action can cause the brainwaves to become less normal, producing feelings of anxiety. Anxiety impacts our brain and body by triggering a flight or fight response. We feel anxious, fearful, and constantly worry about “what could happen” which reduces our ability to cope.

Anxiety Treatments and Medications

Most individuals contact their doctor to seek relief from anxiety. Doctors often prescribe antidepressants, which are designed to stimulate the brain’s serotonin – commonly known as the “Happy Hormones”.  These drugs are a short term solution for helping the patient with anxiety as the medication does not fix the actual problem.

Antidepressants offer short term relief for individuals until they can find a long term solution. In some cases, these medications can intensify the abnormal brainwave patterns, exacerbating an individual’s symptoms, and creating a vicious and negative loop.


Can NueralScan Help Anxiety?

NueralScan is a healthier option for addressing the root cause of the problem – a patients’ atypical brainwaves. During your session, our certified therapist monitors and adjusts alpha wave frequencies to return your brainwaves to the natural frequency.